1. Top Alcohol Myths Busted – Part 1

    When it comes to alcohol, myths are a dime a dozen. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the rumors that have spread about booze that could compromise your safety when it comes to having a fun night out. Did you know that alcohol abuse sends more people to the hospital each year than any other drug? Yet less than 60 percent of heavy drinkers realize that they could be in serious danger, according…Read More

  2. Top Shot Recipes

    When it comes to finding the perfect place to go tonight, nowhere quite beats Red Door Tavern! Atlanta knows how to get the party started, and we are happy to share the drinks. If you decide to live it up with us, be sure to order one of our famous, fruit Slush Puppies or our 180-ounce beer tower. For those of you who have a bigger interest in tasty shots than you do a tower of beer, then we are h…Read More

  3. Drinking Holidays to Celebrate (July-December)

    Red Door Tavern in Atlanta is your number one bar choice! Swing by with your entourage this evening to order one of our 180 oz. beer towers. If you are more interested in a fruity drink to get the party started, our slush puppies should hit the spot! If you aren’t a casual drinker and you’re looking for a special reason to come out tonight, we have just the solution for you! If you haven’t a…Read More

  4. Drinking Holidays to Celebrate (January-June)

    When it comes to finding an Atlanta bar that you’re sure to have an amazing time at, you know that Red Door Tavern is the place to be! Not only do we have an incredible 180 oz. beer tower that you can guzzle down with a few friends, but we are also famous for our fruity slush puppies. If you are looking for a good reason to come on out, check out these drinking holidays that will inspire you to …Read More

  5. What Are You Doing This Valentine’s Day?

    We know the drill when it comes to Valentine’s Day - either you have a sweetie or you don’t. Those of you who are in relationships are probably wondering how big of a teddy bear you really need to buy in order for your S.O. to not question your unwavering loyalty, and those of you who are single are probably counting down the seconds until all that incredible chocolate goes on sale. We get it;…Read More

  6. Overcoming That Hangover

    We all know what happens when we have just a little too much fun after a night out on the town: A hangover! Make sure you beat the brown bottle blues the next day with some of the best hangover cures we know. Once you’re feeling back to your normal self, be sure to come see us at the Red Door Tavern in Atlanta! We know how to party the night away and show you and your friends a great time. Drink…Read More

  7. Top 5 Reasons to Come to Red Door Tavern Tonight

    Have you hung out with us yet at the Red Door Tavern in Atlanta? If not, don’t sweat it - we’re just the best bar in the entire city. If that’s not enough to convince you to come see us tonight and have the time of your life, maybe one of the following reasons will be enough to get you off of your couch and onto one of our barstools: Fear of Missing Out Let’s be honest here, you know exact…Read More

  8. What’s Your Favorite Type of Beer?

    With over 3,000 breweries in the United States, it’s pretty safe to say that we love our beer! Chances are you have a favorite type of beer you fall back on, but why not try something new? Come check out Red Door Tavern tonight for the best beer an Atlanta bar can offer! In the meantime, read up on the different styles of beer and their characteristics. Wheat Wheat beers are named such because a…Read More

  9. Origins of Your Favorite Cocktails

    You’ve definitely ordered these drinks (or at least heard of them) many times, but do you know how they became so popular? Red Door Tavern, your favorite Atlanta bar, has the answers! Screwdriver A classic combination of orange juice and vodka, this drink doesn’t need much of an introduction. As the story has it, 1950’s Persian gulf oil rig workers used to mix their orange juice and vodka to…Read More

  10. How to Get the Gig

    The Atlanta music/entertainment scene can be a tough one to break into, but if you think you have the musical chops to do so, we believe in you! Check out these tips for you and your band to land a gig. Maybe someday we’ll get to feature you on our stage at Red Door Tavern! Make a Demo Okay, so you and your crew have been practicing for weeks on end, and you think you have a pretty good set goin…Read More